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Gullwing Labradors

Gullwing Labradors, puppies bred for temperment, performance and conformation. Each of our girls have earned obedience or tracking titles (OK, except the puppy). These are Englsh-style Labradors, bred for consistency with the AKC breed standard.

All Gullwing Labradors are registered with the American Kennel Club аand come with microchips implanted. We are members of the

Current News... The next litter is up in the air as of now. Please check back here for more details; more information will be posted as plans firm up.

Otherwise, if you are looking for a Labrador puppy, a great place to check is the Litter Listing page for the Mid-Jersey Labrador Retriever Club. This is an excellent source for quality, pure-bred Labrador pups.

Pups from Retro's 2011 Litter

Recent News

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  • Happy 6th Birthday to the pups from the P.T. X Major litter, born January 4, 2006: Lucy, Tucker, Millie, Issy, Lulu and Gus!
  • Happy 1st Birthday to the pups from the Retro X John Brown litter, born January 1, 2011: Max, Rudy, Hershey, Zoe, Murphy, Brinley, Bailey, Buck, Zinka and Techno!
  • Retro earned her first AKC Rally Excellent leg on November 20, 2011 with a 186. P. T. got out that same day in Veteran's obedience class and had a great time at it.
  • P. T. finished her ASCA Rally Advanced title on July 2, 2011. P.T. scored a 195, good enough for second place.
  • P. T. and Retro earned their ASCA Rally Novice titles on June 25, 2011. Retro scored a 198 (out of 200) and P.T. scored a perfect 200, good enough for second place.

    The same day, the two earned their first legs toward their ASCA Rally Advanced titles, P.T. with a 196 and Retro with a 179. The next day, they each earned a second leg toward the RA, this time with Retro getting a 196 and P.T. getting a 194.

  • Happy Second Birthday to the Cruiser X Wes litter, born June 20, 2009: Reagan, Kobi, Betsy, Gracie, Lula, Rex, Lily, and Jett!
  • Happy Third Birthday to the Cruiser X Fergus litter, born May 25, 2008: Gwen, Sugar Bear, Casey, Storm, Piper, Kimi, Rusty and Retro!
  • Happy Sixth Birthday to the P.T. X Davey litter, born May 9, 2005: Sam (there are two Sams in this litter), Cruiser, Jake, Dewey, Chance and Kiwi!
  • Retro earned her APDT Level 1 Rally title on the weekend of April 39 & May 1, 2011. In APDT Rally, the top score is 210. She earned this title with a 205 (3rd place), 206 (2nd place) and a perfect 210! Unfortunately, she was not perfect in the runoff, so she finished in 2nd place. She is now U-CD Gullwing's Living in the Past, Am/Can/ASCA CD, RA, CGC, RL1.
  • Happy Fourth Birthday to the P.T. X Gordy litter, born April 7, 2007: Daisy and Henry!
  • Retro earned her ASCA Companion Dog obedience title on the weekend of March 5th & 6th, 2011. She is now U-CD Gullwing's Living in the Past, Am/Can/ASCA CD, RA, CGC.
  • Canada Trip - September 10-12, 2010 Read the details of the trip here.

    On Friday, Cruiser passes her CKC TDX test with the Mountain City Obedience Club (Le Club d'Obщissance Mountain City) of Montreal.

    On Saturday, P.T. finishes her CKC Novice Obedience (CD) Title at the Oakville and District Kennel Club of Ontario. Over the course of the weekend, she gets a 1st place finish, a 2nd, a 3rd and a 4th. She also earned the High Labrador for Saturday's two trials.

    On Sunday, Retro finishes her CKC Novice Obedience (CD) Title with two first place finishes and the High Labrador for Sunday's two trials.