A Step Above...
Gullwing Labradors

My dogs and I participate in a sport called tracking. The concept is to develop the skills exhibited by Search and Rescue dogs, and display the dog's ability to follow a human scent that was left on the ground some time ago. Although similar skills are used by dogs in hunting, there is no shooting involved in this sport.

Tracking titles are offered by the Americn Kennel Club, the Canadian Kennel Club and the Australian Shepherd Club of America. Cruiser has titled in each of these venues.

What is Tracking? Here's a presentation I made for my breed club, the Mid-Jersey Labrador Retriever Club. It gives an overview and is intended for people unfamiliar with the sport. The presentation began with a demonstration by Cruiser.

I wrote a series of articles for Lenape Tracking Club about the high-tech toys I've been using as part of my training routine. Here are links to those articles.

A few other FAQs:

Here's a silly math problem-what are the minimum and maximum areas into which one can fit each of the AKC track types (TD, TDX and VST)? My answers just look at the track areas, so they assume that the tracks are far enough away from obstacles or other tracks. They also assume a rectangular area surrounding the tracks. Have a look here.